Pay Your Taxes Schmuck, We Got Partying To Do!

When we think of taxes, we tend to think of them abstractly or quickly suppress them into our subconscious where other bad things live. Taxes are like a translucent demon who steals your money right in front of you, then vanishes into thin air. But when you get a tax bill and it is staring right back at you, then all abstraction is gone and a harsh sense of reality sets in. All that incessant chatter on those conservative talk shows starts making sense, and you begin understanding why people are furious.

For a middle-class couple, both working full-time and netting approximately $120,00 per year, the tax rate is 28% or $30,000 a year.

Now $30,000 might not seem like a lot of money to some but to a middle-class family, rest assured, that $30,000 is indeed a lot of money.

It is the cost of a new car, a down payment on a house, and would make the start of a nice savings account for retirement. It could also mean getting out of debt or paying off a student loan.

But guess what?

That's not where the money gets to go.

Instead the money is going to feed a government that is spending out of control, a government that can't pay its own bills but can fine and penalize you for not paying your taxes on time. It is a government that wastes because it is easy to spend what is not theirs. And the government doesn't care where it gets the money or how you get the money to pay them. They take what you've worked for, say it's theirs and will use any means to get it from you, even if that means ruining your life. It's a shakedown.

If the government could prove that it was counting every penny and not wasting a dime, then those squeezed in the middle might feel a little better about things. They might feel better about paying for things they will never see any benefit from. But when they read about the GSA partying in Las Vegas, a full-time projectionist at the White House, or the news that Social Security is going broke sooner than expected, it devours what little tolerance and forgiveness they might have had left.  

The government is doing what any monster would. It keeps growing and gorging and expanding and taking. The U.S. government is running amok having created the biggest bureaucracy in the history of the world, a system that wouldn't think twice about stomping you out of existence just to save itself.

Until the government dramatically cuts spending and balances its own budget,  taxation will remain their first choice for more money.

The rich are rich and will be just fine. The poor have public assistance. But with the government drowning the middle class in taxes, they have nowhere but down to go. And maybe, crazy as this sounds, that's what the government wants. You either get rich and join the club or become a servant, indentured forever in a sea of debt. 




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