the most simple diet plan in the world

A Brief Introduction

A lot of people are trying to lose weight but are finding it difficult to do in today's world.

Fast food and Starbucks! But beyond the obvious is the main ingredient in the crap they're feeding us: refined flour!

What's so bad about flour?
Flour (aka "bad carb") makes you crave even more flour! Think about it. When you eat pizza, what happens? You want another slice. When you eat doughnuts, what happens? You want another one. When you eat cake, what happens? You want more. And not just want it, but you will obsess and obsess about it. That kind of craving doesn't happen after you eat carrots or something healthy. It only kicks in when you are eating something that's probably going to make you fat like a cheese burger or french fries. And usually if you are eating flour, butter and sugar are usually in there somewhere too and lead to cravings too. This is why it is so hard to eat just one piece of candy, one potato chip, and pretty much one of anything.

That's why any diet that includes carbs is going to be a tough one to live with. Because even though you might be totally motivated to lose weight, if you eat bad carbs (even whole grain bread!), the carb itself will make you crave even more carbs, and the diet will become an impossibility. It would be like trying to stop a plant's growth by giving it Miracle Grow. It's not going to happen. 

And when we talk about carbs, what we are really talking about is FLOUR and starches. Any item that has flour as an ingredient should definitely be avoided. And while you might get away with a little rice for dinner here and a potato for dinner there, most starches should be avoided too. 

Using our definition, over 60% of the items in a grocery store would be off limits.

This would include breads, pastas. cereals, crackers, cookies, cakes, chips, pastries, and other starches such as rice and potatoes.  We also recommend against eating fruit due to the sugar it contains. If you must eat, eat your vegetables just like your mother said. Your mother didn't say eat your fruits!

So our plan is really based on one simple rule (and a couple of exceptions).

Here is the easiest diet plan in the world:

1. Cut out FLOUR and FRUITS!

If you follow this one rule, you will lose weight! Guaranteed!!!! If you can think of the type of food they offer at Starbucks, that's what you don't eat!

Now here is the fine print!

1. At lunch, you can have one flour-based item as your main entree, but only if you split it with a friend. Seeing your friend only eat half will be a model for you not to overeat.  If you don't have a lunch partner, then the most satisfying lunch we have found that you can eat by yourself is from Panda Express, which is ONE ENTREE with mixed vegetables as the side. Don't get the rice or noodles!

2. You can eat as many vegetables as you can stand at any time.

3. If you haven't had any flour-based items during the day, you can have ONE flour or fruit item with dinner. For instance, a roll with dinner or cake for dessert is okay. But only ONE!

4. If you find yourself starving to death between meals, you can eat roasted almonds, eggs, or Pop Chips. But nothing else. (We know PopChips are carbs and not good for you, but they are only 100 calories a bag and have true crave-killing powers, so it's a small trade-off we were willing to make! If you can't find PopChips, then the dreaded rice crackers are okay, but only 100 calories at a time.)

5. It is okay to drink non-sweetened coffee drinks and energy boosters such as 5-Hour Energy.

6. Remember to drink plenty of water.

7. Hot tea late at night, especially if you find yourself getting hungry. But NO FLOUR OR FRUIT!!!

8. Do some type of exercise 3-4 per week. Walking a few miles or walking up stairs will do it.

9. Take a multi-vitamin, especially something with Vitamin C to make up for any loss of not eating fruits.

10. Once your weight is down to where you want it, SET A MAXIMUM WEIGHT FOR YOURSELF AND DO NOT GO OVER IT FOR ANY REASON. It is your MAX WEIGHT because once you hit it, YOU STOP EATING until your weight drops below it.

11. You should work this plan with 5-pound drops as your weight goals. Each time you make the goal, re-set your max weight to the new, lower weight.

12. Once your weight is down to where you want it, you can eat whatever you want, just don't exceed your max weight!

13. Keep these thoughts in your mind. First, recent research is now saying being just a little overweight is unhealthy.  Or in other words, you don't see a lot of old fat people walking around. Most elderly are skinny! That's probably why they are elderly, no? Second, you have more will power than you think!  Show the world your will power by simply cutting ONE ingredient from your diet: FLOUR! You will boost your own confidence simply by showing you can do this. Really, you can do this.

You might be asking what you can eat. In all honesty, once you cut out flour and fruit, it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot left but there is. You can eat chicken, fish, and beef. You can eat any vegetable. You can have very modest snacks between meals, but you really have to limit yourself to 100 calories or less per snack and no more than three per day. 

For breakfast, you can eat eggs and sausage and have an espresso or coffee with cream. For lunch, you can have Panda Express or split lunch with a friend. For dinner, you can have chicken with a vegetable of your choice, and if you've been good, one flour-based item like a roll or piece of cake. In between meals, if you find yourself getting dizzy and light headed, you can have a bag of Pop Chips or some rice crackers.

The main concept is to avoid items that are clearly flour-based. And that includes a lot! Pizza, pasta, pie. The list is long. But you can do this! You really can.

If you can cut out flour-based items out of your life, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT! Guaranteed! And once you cut FLOUR out of your life, you will not only lose weight, BUT YOU WILL LOSE CRAVINGS FOR FLOUR-BASED FOOD ITEMS AS WELL. And that's really the trick to the diet.

Flour makes you FAT, but it also makes you CRAVE IT MORE. Flour is a terrible thing, especially refined white flour. It is poison for your digestive system.

Avoid it and you will lose weight and become healthier.

Best of luck!


For educational purposes only.  Consult with a doctor when trying to lose weight, unless your doctor is overweight, then your doctor should be consulting with you.


You can lose weight only if you lose the cravings for food, but you can only lose the cravings by cutting out all flour-based items from your diet and that, sad to say, is more than 50% of what is inside the modern grocery store.