The Best Prosumer Video Camera For Under $750

We don't like making recommendations, but after months of researching video cameras, we feel obligated to share what we have concluded.

Quite simply, our conclusion is that the Panasonic X-900MK  is an exceptional value for the money. Actually, our first recommendation is to get the Canon T3i, but if for some reason, you're not feeling it and still want a video camera, then this is the one you want.


As far as we know, this is one of the few, if not the only video camera for under $750, that will let you film at 1080, 60p frames per second. Most cameras only allow you to film at 1080, 60i frames per second.  This makes a big difference, especially if you like slow motion. And who doesn't like slow motion? Even our beloved Rebel T3i only shoots 1080 at 30p frames per second.  It also has a very cool time lapse feature that the T3i doesn't.

This camera is light, easy to use, and takes professional quality footage. The sound it records isn't bad either, although you probably want an external microphone for most professional applications.

Again, as with the T3i, we highly recommend getting the extended warranty. You just never know. Purchase a Mackcam warranty through Adorama. These warranties are better and cheaper than Square Trade.

If you want to see what this camera can do, just check out the video on our home page. It was shot with the TM-700, a cousin to this camera.  Take notice of the footage beginning at the 1:05 mark, especially the bridge scene. Nice, isn't it? We don't know what quality this video was shot at, but the You Tube video only plays back at 720p. In other words, the You Tube video is not the highest playback quality and still looks good.

Or this one:

The Best Hi-Definition Video Camera For Under $750