The Canon T3i Is The Best DSLR Camera For The Money

After exhaustive research, we can honestly tell you that the Canon T3i is absolutely the best value for your money. You cannot go wrong by getting this camera. You simply cannot. It is a definite improvement over the T2i as it has an adjustable lcd display and let's you control the audio manually. The T2i lacked both of these features. The swivel screen lets you get shots from odd angles, and the manual audio control lets you record decent sound IF you add an external microphone.

With that said, we would like to offer a couple of suggestions.

First, consider getting the body only and buying either a first rate prime lens (e.g. the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8) or a good lens from a quality third-party manufacturer such as Tamron.

Second, we have no problem with you purchasing this camera online, but if you do, get a Mack extended warranty through Adorama. Simply do a search for the Mack warranty on the Adorama site and choose the warranty you need. These warranties are more affordable and better than Square Trade warranties, which we no longer recommend.

Third, be prepared to buy an external microphone as the in-camera microphone leaves a lot to be desired and is easily distorted by wind. We no longer recommend Rode microphones as we had one malfunction at a once-in-a-lifetime shoot and think they are overpriced for their performance, which is mid-level at best.

Fourth, if you plan to record sound separately, then you will also need a software program called Plural Eyes by Red Giant to sync the good audio recorded separately with the bad audio on your camera.

Fifth, if you plan on shooting video with this camera and plan to do so outside in the sun, then you will need to get a cover for the lcd display. You can throw a blanket over the back of the camera like they did in the old days, but it is better to use a more professional cover like the Hoodman Loupe Kit. A selling point of the t4i and t5i is that they have a touch screen, but the reality is that when you have the loupe kit on (and you will definitely need it on to shoot video outside), you can't really get to the screen, so the touch screen is really a feature that's nice, but not practical.

All these accessories will set you back a bit, but you will end up with a rig that will serve you well.

The Canon T3i allows you to take amazing digital photos and also allows you to shoot incredible high-definition footage. Like we said, you can't go wrong with buying this camera. 


These are decent external microphones for the money, and the only ones we use. We have had issues with other microphones, but not with these. The Nikon is an on-camera microphone, and the Azden would be the "external" or off-camera microphone. We recommend a shotgun microphone for the best sound and due to its directionality, that is, its ability to focus in on a single source and exclude other sounds.

You will also need a program called Dual Eyes to synch the audio to your video.